Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Fall Festival Season is about to begin!

Because of the poor economy, consumers are very careful about how they spend disposable income (if they have any at all). Since most of us festival vendors depend on disposable income to make our money we need to scramble to and be very resourceful this year, so that we can make money.

1) Ask organizers for booth fee redutions.
2) Scour for lower booth fee venues in places you might not normally consider. 
3) Adjust you expectations of what you'll make that way you won't be severely disappointed.
4) Use email blasts, myspace, etsy, local forums, craigslist, etc. to advertise for free.
5) Lower your prices, but also make highly intricate items that will costs more. Some buyer will not be able to resist and will buy a more expensive item.
6) Have fun and stay positive!
7) Keep your business going!
8) Change up your display, get creative so you can attract new buyers.

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