Saturday, September 20, 2008

In the Lab...

whipping up skin and hair oil. I blend all natural oils together today it's olive oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, vitamin e oil, and shea oil. I also add a few essential oils. I use this stuff all over my skin and hair. I'm about to give myself a hot oil treatment now. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Fall Festival Season is about to begin!

Because of the poor economy, consumers are very careful about how they spend disposable income (if they have any at all). Since most of us festival vendors depend on disposable income to make our money we need to scramble to and be very resourceful this year, so that we can make money.

1) Ask organizers for booth fee redutions.
2) Scour for lower booth fee venues in places you might not normally consider. 
3) Adjust you expectations of what you'll make that way you won't be severely disappointed.
4) Use email blasts, myspace, etsy, local forums, craigslist, etc. to advertise for free.
5) Lower your prices, but also make highly intricate items that will costs more. Some buyer will not be able to resist and will buy a more expensive item.
6) Have fun and stay positive!
7) Keep your business going!
8) Change up your display, get creative so you can attract new buyers.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vendor Market in This Economy

Lately, vendors and handmade artists are not doing as well as years past. The reasons range from high gas prices, high food prices, and a generally weak economy.  As vendors, we are tasked with selling our goods despite the economy conditions. Here are a few things I've tried:

1) Making super spectacular pieces that I can charge more money for. They are so spectacular at least one or two buyers are compelled to buy. These pieces make up for having less buyers. Although I still haven't made as much as previous years, it helps. 

2) I have had to reduce prices on items that don't take me a bunch of time to make. Plus, I have items that costs as low as $2-$3. There are many times browsers really appreciate your products, but because things are so tight, they feel guilty spending $15 or $20, but $2-$3 is okay. It tends to add up for vendors.

3) Search Craigslist for events and community events that you wouldn't normally work at. When you respond to organizers inquiring about their events, ask for a reduction in fees or ask for them to charge based on percentage of what you make.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Great Show

I worked a show a few weeks ago. There were only 10-20 vendors. It was inside a church, so I wasn't freezing my bunnies off. The church people were nice, and they even provided a bag lunch for vendors. This show is an annual event, and it was advertised in its neighborhood very well. The most important this was---I made a bunch of money. I sold out of my soaps and bath salts.

I it was a great sh0w!

Monday, December 3, 2007

All You need to know about an EZ UP Tent

1) They are easy to to transport to shows and can be put up easily by one person, but two is best.
2) They can break on a windy day (you won't know about it until you take them down), but replacement parts are very inexpensive.
3) The white tent is preferred by many festival organizers.
4) The fabric part is replaceable and can be washed with a damp sponge.
5) They need weights on windy days.
6) The case it comes with is not very good. Best to use those bungie car ties to close up your tent.

Top Ten Things Vendors Need to Have

1) A good tent that is easy to put up. (white is preferable)
2) Strong folding table.
3) Table displays that are interesting (colorful, varying heights, a style that matches your product
4) Good sturdy and comfy chair.
5) A flashlight for those early morning set ups and late break downs
6) A Fanny pack to keep your cash on you.
7) Business cards (even homemade ones are better than none)
8) Change to get you started on the first few sales.
9) Layers of clothing because it is cold in the morning and evening, but warm throughout the day.
10) Great merchandise in every price range, so you don't go home completely broke when your big ticket items don't sell.