Monday, December 3, 2007

Top Ten Things Vendors Need to Have

1) A good tent that is easy to put up. (white is preferable)
2) Strong folding table.
3) Table displays that are interesting (colorful, varying heights, a style that matches your product
4) Good sturdy and comfy chair.
5) A flashlight for those early morning set ups and late break downs
6) A Fanny pack to keep your cash on you.
7) Business cards (even homemade ones are better than none)
8) Change to get you started on the first few sales.
9) Layers of clothing because it is cold in the morning and evening, but warm throughout the day.
10) Great merchandise in every price range, so you don't go home completely broke when your big ticket items don't sell.


twocents said...

Credit card processing is a good thing to have these days

metoo said...

Don't forget enough money to pay fees months in advance... we all love that right!!!!

OldieButGoodie said...

If you have access to electrical outlets, extension cords and fans for those hot days

jdinflatables said...

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Anonymous said...

Make sure to have enough ones and fives.